Are you looking for tools to unlock your potential and achieve your life goals? Look no further than Lifement LLC! Our life-purpose coaching business is managed by an impressive team of mothers, authors, entrepreneurs, university professors, and medical professionals dedicated to supporting students, emerging leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs in their journeys toward success. Their unique perspectives and insight can help you understand what it takes to be successful while discovering your career passion and life aspirations. To help you set and achieve goals and make better life decisions that lead to financial security for yourself and your family, sign up now for a free consultation with Lifement LLC - let us work together to ensure the future you have always imagined!
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Kristy Tyson is the Owner and Certified Master Life Coach of Lifement LLC. She is a University Professor, Published Author, and Racial Healing Circle Facilitator, and she has Life Purpose Coach, Professional Life Coach, Happiness Life Coach, and Goal Success Life Coach Certifications. Kristy strives to provide emerging leaders with the confidence they need to recognize their strengths and abilities. Kristy offers clients personalized support tailored to their needs and various tools and techniques designed to help them reach their goals. Kristy’s coaching relationships are based on trust and rapport and built upon mutual accountability. Her commitment is to assist in developing self-awareness, empowering her clients with knowledge of creating positive changes in their lives, and encouraging them towards better decision-making. As a result of getting coached by Kristy, her clients gain insight into their purpose in life and set themselves up for success.
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πŸŽ“ As a dedicated educator, I've tailored this book to meet the needs of students, ensuring it's informative but also engaging and practical.

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