Dr. Kristy Tyson, MBA. DM. Graced the group with an informative and engaging presentation on #problemsolving and #criticalthinking. I am glad she agreed to partner with me and speak with our group of participants in our Lt. Col. Matt Urban Human Services Center of WNY Customer Service Readiness Program.
She shared insights from her experience as a master life coach and business owner at Lifement LLC, which provided tools and resources for practical application of the skills she presented. The session participants and the other program leaders, Alissa Venturini and Matilde Rodriguez, gave glowing feedback, and we look forward to working with Dr Tyson in the future.

Kudos and thank you, Dr Kristy
The response to Kristy Tyson's presentation at our organization's leadership conference was overwhelmingly positive. Not only did she share invaluable insights on the principles of strategic goal setting and the importance of effective time management practices, but she did so in a way that kept everyone engaged; there were interactive elements, real-world examples, and practical exercises included and every one of us left with enthusiasm for putting her ideas into practice. Her words of wisdom will no doubt help drive us toward achieving even greater success in the future. We are all very grateful to have had her speak at our event, and I look forward to hearing from her again soon.
Kristy Tyson was a wonderful keynote speaker at our recent Student Government Association Spring Leadership Conference. The theme for this year's conference was “Leadership Under Pressure,” and Kristy provided a presentation that helped students formulate their goals into feasible actions that would allow flexibility in a stressful college student's life. An important takeaway from her presentation was our perception of leadership. Leadership is a ladder that has beginning rungs and extends out higher. The very first rung of this leadership ladder is your title. Your title is assigned to you and is not something that needs to be flaunted as prestige. One of the highest rungs is your reputation and what you leave behind even when you’re not there. Kristy Tyson shed light on new leadership perspectives and how to adjust to a stressful schedule.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve!

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